As-Salam 2011


2010 is a tough year. It is a year of self potential discovery. It is a year of being a tea bag in boiled water. With correct temperature and timing, with or without sugar and other additional, everybody would enjoy a decent cup of tea.

In the darkest of night that you'll see the brightest of stars; and the sun always rise every day. There's no such thing as bad weather, only different kind of good weathers. Despite all the turmoil happened along this year, my life is not that bad. In fact, I think I am happier... I feel serene inside.

Life is a lesson and experience is the best teacher. No matter what happen or how hard the lesson is, tomorrow would still come and we would have to walk another day, weeks, months and years. Nothing would stay unchanged, everything change - from amniotic fluid to oxygen. A baby learns to breathe.

I have gain friends. I know who likes to ride the limo with me and who will always accompany me to walk on a rainy day. I've seen my life as walking on a runway; I even wish it is as simple as shoes - but nothing to compare with the experience by being me and just me.

It is ordinary to start a new year with a resolution. I'm going to start my new year with a conclusion instead. At the end of this decade, I finally come to a conclusion that lifetime is too precious to be wasted with hatred, anger and meaningless matter. And the biggest lesson: 1) Love Allah - every second, 2) Patience is the key, 3) Forgiveness heals, and 4) Silence is the best policy - when you have nothing good to share.

On top of everything, there's nothing to compare; when HE tested you and then with HIS guidance you find your way... not out, but towards 'knowing' HIM.
All praises to HIM.

Pssttt: I only realized that 2011 is the beginning of a new decade from a TV program. Hmmm... I remember the time when the year 2000 arrives. Oh it feels like yesterday - celebrating a new century. 10 more years until vision 2020.

Doa: Semoga Allah memberkati permulaan satu lagi dekad dengan iman yang diperkukuhkan dan cinta kepadaNYA yang semakin banyak.

Farewell to 2010 and welcome 2011.

‘A picture speaks a thousand words'. So here are the pictures representing moments, people and occasions in 2010.


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