A Sad Day for Brownies - Uri Bee Couple is Leaving

Lee Jong Hyun is the cool and mysterious musician you fall in love every time. He doesn’t have that idol persona compare to other CNBLUE members. He is a man with less words and expression. His world is music. The only way to get to know him is through his music. You need to listen to his music. You need to see him performing with his eyes close. [Coward] [Thank You] [Yes] [Love Rides the Rain] [II Will.Forget You] [Sleepless Night] [Love is...] [My Miracle] [Lie] [Voice]

That is why to see him as a different person in We Got Married 4 is very *exciting*. It is addicting. BOICEs would agree with me, who would have thought LJH has those sides. No one. I cringe when he showered Gong Seung Yeon with compliments and sorts in the first few episodes. Where is uri LJH?! I was convinced that LJH is actually a player in real life behind that cool Busan namja facade after a while. And the sweet and cute GSY... it's nice to see her with LJH. I mean, we all understand - it's LJH - normal girls would react positively and exactly like that around him. But to see them together is just... good. They look good together.

That smile. That dimples. That laugh. That aegyo. The way they teases each other.

WGM is well-known for being a scripted-but-not-scripted reality show. Totally understand that. Though I am with the Brownies - wanting the relationship to be real, we get the point. Really.

But today - after that crazily adorable wedding, lovely first dance, and beautiful Jeju trip plus the sweet parasailing confession - WGM announce that the Bee Couple is leaving the show.

Excuse me, but you break my heart.

It is understandable that CNBLUE is making a comeback and LJH need to focus o his music. We BOICEs want him to do that. And CNBLUE will be super busy *as always* during promotion - he won't have time for WGM. Yong also left WGM and ended the Goguma fever for their first album. I have been preparing myself for their departure since I got the news.
But not today. Not after that crazily adorable wedding, lovely first dance, and beautiful Jeju trip plus the sweet parasailing confession.
Even the thrill of CNBLUE's comeback can't cover up the frustration.

It. is. just. too. soon. It doesn't matter they haven't film the final episode.It is still too soon! And you're showering us with those sweetness overload.
Gah. So mean.

Me, being childish.
Sincerely, so what.


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