A Really Sad Brownies - The End of a Beautiful Love Story

It is confirmed that this week's episode will be the final episode for uri Honey Bee Couple.
Lee Jeong Hee's "Tears Didn't Fall" is perfect for today.

Because I was so sad, tears didn’t fall
I just stood at that place, and said I understood
As time stopped, my heart stopped too
Everything that happened just seemed like something from a dream
Always and forever

In short, I am devastated by the news.
*It is* silly, I know. But still, I am sad thinking that I won't be able to see this couple on screen anymore. Who cares if this is a total fake. You don't get to see Lee Jong Hyun *this* pretty everyday! And, and, and... I actually like Gong Seung Yeon.

I will remember this couple prettily.

Dear Honey Bee Couple,
You planted flowers in my heart. Please live happily.

Note: This is the moment you wish there is some truth in Kpop entertainment industry. A wish that your bias *is* a good person in real life. A hope that they're surrounded by good people who *really* care for their well-being. It is so hard to stomach the alternate universe where everything is just the opposite of the world you pictured. It is heart breaking if career comes first over true love.
xoxo, a fangirl.

Iconic Bee Couple.


Just us.

You are the most handsome and beautiful when you're in love.

You don't get to see that laugh everyday...

Comic book date!

Handsome groom and pretty bride.

The moment time stopped...

LJH's exclusive expression.

*The* picture that SY took in Jejudo.

Couple song! I am excited to hear the song; I can't get the tune out of my mind.

The finale... Huhuhuhuhu

The wedding picture that I love~~

My favorite scene :)


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