Goodbye Patch Adams

While driving to office this morning, BenHafiz delivered the sad news - my favorite (fictional character) doctor has passed away. At the age of 63, Robin Williams - the Hunter 'Patch' Adams that prescribe laughter, the Mr. Keating that redefined poetry, the Peter Pan that taught us happy thoughts, the robot who wants to be a human being it break your heart when he finally did - passed away. What's sadder, the word "suicide" and "depression" appear together in the same line.

I've seen him in many movies, but Patch Adams stuck with me. I don't know how we first met, but I am happy to say that it is through Patch Adams. I can't recall the movie in detail, but the soul and spirit still ticks inside me.

He made us laugh and taught us happy thoughts yet he was battling depression. I can only hope that he was not fighting alone and that he was loved till the end.

O captain my captain, thank you. You will be missed.


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