Suddenly all spinning wheels come to a halt. At least for now. The hardest part has ended. Phew.
Cue in Iron Man Three's "Battle Finale"!
Usain Bolt poses!
Winning dance!
Princess-in-hanbok pose, breathe properly and smile sweetly...
"Alhamdulillah, we made it alive".

In my tired mind, that was how the moment celebrated yesterday. The last part doesn’t really fit the theme song, the princess-in-hanbok. I just don't care. Hahaha.

We're only half way through everything. But we sure have covered the 20-80 part. Like I said, the hardest part has ended. I believe that if we can survive that part, we can survive the whole deal. 

"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all." - Sam Ewing
Winning Personality

Somehow, in between sleepless nights, weird dreams, extended working hours and excessive tasks, I feel like my newly altered personality can't win the battle. Gah. I feel like a failed scientist.
You know, dark powers always portrayed as more powerful and cool while the good sides, the white magic always lack of something and always in need for hard-to-get stuff like true love kiss? That is exactly how I feel. I feel like this sweet, all-positive and kind personality won't fight well. I feel like I need to make a deal with my 'dark side' for some leverage. I need the perfectionist melancholy girl. She's a better fighter.

Luckily I manage to snap out of it. I must loosen some screws along the way.
Winning a battle is just one thing. The bigger question is who do you want to see in the mirror after the winning? Certain things are just not worth to trade for whatsoever victory.

Winning Recipe

I agree with Mr. Theodore Roosevelt: "With self-discipline most anything is possible”.

So here is my winning recipe:

#1: Self-discipline
#2: Good management - time and resource
#3: Proper planning
#4: Wise strategy
#5: Ethics
#6: The commitment to obey #1 to make use of #2 until #5.

Yes sir!

We All Need Good Theme Song

One of my colleague points out that I manage to keep my skin pimple-free even under such pressure. Well... ya. At least this round my skin did not reacted that way. She can be mean sometime. Any tips? Nope. Maybe try to listen to nice songs while walking that pressure. No sad melancholy songs, please. Those cause pimples. Big ones.

I highly recommend instrumental. Go for classical music, string quartet. They really did something to your brain. Modern classics will also do the tricks.

I listened to:
1. CN Blue; live concerts are preferable
2. Vivaldi
3. Yiruma; live concerts are preferable
4. The Piano Guys
5. My favorite Korean songs

Origami Therapy

I find making origami very therapeutic.
I can't believe I write that. Hahaha.
I was too busy and tired for retail therapy; and comfort foods I ate burnt to feed the brain. I can't allocate time or peace of mind to write or read.
One fine day, I borrowed my roommate’s wedding magazine and fall in love with some paper flowers featured in that issue. I Google it the next day - it's called kusudama. The next thing I know I was on a shopping trip (when I said I don't have time for retail therapy!) for papers. I actually find peace making them -- the picture for this entry is one of them. Now I'm making a more complicated folding - kusudama butterfly, in smaller size.

------------------- xx

Like my manager said, "one less thing on your very full plate". New challenge is on the way while the final part of current battle continues. It's good to be back, to be able to write something. But first thing first. I'm off, for now.

"Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have." - Norman Vincent Peale


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