Just Saying 26-March-2012

It's easier to catwalk in [scary] high heels than to walk properly in a pair of flats. The nature of the high heels sort of not giving you any option but to walk the walk.

It's not because you have a better walk.

Just saying~


CiziWejes said…
But...what about your health? Your spine? The things seen that we don't want to be seen? I can't walk in high heels, no matter how beautiful it'd look. I prefer walking in a pair of flats, comfortable and healthy too...I prefer being myself, in my own shoes.
'Aini said…
Darling, I will write more... The entry is still under development.. Hehe. I know somehow tht you'd come into somebody's mind ;) I always relates stuff with shoes kan?
CiziWejes said…
Oh honey, shoes are little things people seldom talked about but this little thing is apparently the most vital thing for our body. Wear the wrong pair of shoes and you'd ache for days, all over ;)

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