One of the ways to handle messiness in life is by organizing anything tangible around it. It is better compare to retail therapy (which can make you broke) or comfort food (which can make you fat). I need fresh air for my mind to works at maximum speed and to get fresh air, I need a very clear, organized and clean space. I could not think properly in topsy-turvy environment.

This is similar to Kinki in "Needing You..." or Elizabeth Egan in "If You Could See Me Now". Both Kinki and Elizabeth have the tendency to deal with their life issue by scrubbing the floor and rearranging their stuff. When I 'meet' Kinki, I am too young to have issue in my life and when I bump into Elizabeth, I already have too many issue to deal with :p I like the metaphor behind this act. Life is messy, so we arrange it. Life is stuffy, so we clear it. Life is too much on you, you scrub it sparkly clean!

Any therapy - going for [window]shopping, eating our favorite food, cleaning the house, making crafts, going for a walk, sleep, etc. - are an initiative to unconsciously motivate ourselves and to ease the clogging veins and twisted nerves. It symbolized control - when we're dealing (or fire-fighting) with stuff we don't have control on. The idea is to make aware that life is not totally suck, and there are parts of it that we can hold in our hands.

Life is challenging but there's always an exit door. Giving up will not solve anything, in fact it could kill your soul. Keep on fighting!

Note: I feel like scrubbing all surfaces until they sparkle.



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