The Tourist: Loving the Dresses


The trip to watch The Tourist was mostly motivated by Johnny Depp. Another motivation would be the collaboration between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie - I'd like to see the outcome when these two stars meet in one movie. Well, even with these two stars The Tourist was not one of great movie for 2011.

Elise Ward is the only thing that saves The Tourist from being rated as a yawn-movie. I have no expectation for this movie (cause the idea of Depp and Jolie doesn't sound that captivating), but as soon as Elise Ward made her first appearance on the screen, I totally forgot about Depp. Hahaha. Angelina Jolie portrayed an elegant lady very well. I am so glad. She have the charisma that really makes people turn and look at her - not just as a character in a movie but in reality. Johnny Depp on the other hand did not make it to the surface. He is just another character in a movie, falling in love with the lady. [I couldn't believe I said this about Johnny Depp...]

Another thing that saves this movie would be Elise's wardrobe. Oh gosh, I really love the dresses! They were perfect - a perfect distraction too I must say. My favorite would be Elise's firs dress - an ivory sheath accented with a cashmere wrap and fine suede gloves. I love everything about it; from the hair to the shoes. Inspired by classic film noir glamour, the wardrobe highlighted Elise's persona.

I wish I could have the dresses!



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