Daa January


Today is the last day of January. Sigh. I'm going to miss January very much. I have a special place for January in my heart. Everything happened within the month of January usually become significant to me. I naturally paid careful attention on these 31 days. So it's a norm to make each day as beautiful as it can be.

During my younger age, January is the most anticipated moment for me and my two aunties. We were born in January: January 1st would be Achik's, January 2nd would be Atih's and mine on the 13th. We always try to celebrate our birthday together. Most of the time, the celebration came early in December - the perfect holiday for each of us. As we grew older, we rarely get the chance to do this anymore. My aunties are busy with their family and kids and I am busy with my own life.

But yes, we still love January - it's our time ^___^ No distance is too far and no mountains are too high when you have unconditional love in your heart.

As much as I don't like my 31 days ruined, I must admit that not every day is pretty. I've had incidents. But again, I still love January ^____^ Be it ugly, be it pretty. Everyday count!

So January, let's do what we always did each year - let's move on and lets the time fly fast for our next meeting!

P.S: I don't say "goodbye".



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