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100 KM and First Runniversary

Alhamdulillah. I achieve my 100 kilometers running target. Yeay! And it's my one year running anniversary. Another yeay! I can't believe I have run the distance and one year have passed. Rasa macam baru je mula berlari. Seriously.

Why I run?

I started running because I want to manage and contribute to Revert Sports Club (RSC) properly. If I can't understand the runners' need, I can't find the opportunity to contribute and to improve. Asking and observing will do the job, but what's the use of going to Gemba Kaizen course if I can't do this much. Yep, too serious kan? Oh well, if I am going to do something for dakwah, I better do my best. Ini kan ibadah, I thought.

Running Evolution

"This is my final run"
"I won't run that much"
"I'll just be the luggage/water girl"

Jawatan yang akhir tu sampai hari ni tak dapat!

After a while, running is no longer RSC business. I conciously decide that running will be a part of me. I actually learn many things from running. Siap dengan falsafahnya. Bunyi derap kaki berlari (baca: joging) umpama sembang yang rancak. Lepas beberapa ketika, bunyi degup jantung menjadi perlahan dan fikiran jadi fokus. It's the heart that is complicated. Muahahahaha. Muscle pain and blisters? It’s the reminder to appreciate health and stay fit. To be grateful to Allah. Hehehe. I believe I am the type who thinks well when I am on the road. A true street philosopher? Meh~

You can run alone. But running together is much more thrilling than running alone. Walaupun berlari seorang diri, atau ketinggalan jauh di belakang, rasa teruja mengenangkan ada kawan-kawan menanti di akhir garisan - priceless. Runners are known to be very supportive. So you know you always have the support you need, walaupun dari individu yang tak dikenali. That, together with the adrenaline, is a good combo for life.

Keep Running
Selepas setahun - masih berjogging, masih tiada perancangan untuk personal best, masih tiada improvement plan. But somebody told me that slow or fast, a mile *is* a mile. Hehehe. So I'll keep on running. Maybe in the future, while running certain kilometers, I will decide on something. Besides, you can't just stop loving something *just like that*. Did I say "love"? Wow. Where is 'Aini?! :p

Dear RSC: My family and running partners...
(I wrote it while remembering Meghan Trainor's Dear Future Husband)

Hmmmm. Let see.
Thank you. You are everything a beginner needs to take the first step and run, you are everything a runner needs to endure the run and cross the finishing line.
That's it.
No, you don't want to know how much I love you and miss you and always want to spend time with you.
Let's end the speech just like this.

Future Running

Semoga Allah beri kesempatan, kelapangan, kemudahan, dan kesihatan untuk berlari di masa hadapan. Semoga Allah masih izinkan untuk berdakwah bersama-sama RSC dengan cara ini. Semoga Allah beri berkat inisiatif RSC. Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan semua runner yang berlari dengan Allah dalam hati.

It's supposed to be a warmth moment to share with my darlings. Unfortunately, I had an episode of emotional avalanche while two important people in my running life - one is dealing her own difficult time (we still run together but I'm giving her the space) and another one can't decide if he is still upset with me (my fault...).
I can't have proper celebration without you.


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