First Haiku


First snow falls
Snowflakes glitter
No love wish

Soft white snow
Landed on my palm
Heart is lonely

Snowflakes melting
On hair and clothes
Chest is cold

Coldness touches earth
Lake froze
Love stood

Winter wind blows
Make me shiver
Tears heated heart

My first haiku.
It was Thursday – a “cloudy and highly-flammable” – as I share with Kak Maz. I felt a pulse inside me rising and pushing me back into the black hole of melancholy.

I just have to emphasize the feelings that reside in me. Haiku; I said. I’d called this “First Snow”.

Sad theme, yes it is. It was because this haiku did inspired by the sadness in me.
Apparently, after this haiku written I was inspired by an oldies song “You’re My Everything” and a sweet and nice and lovely haiku started to fill in the air:

Sun kiss and smiles
Flowers blooming
Love loving



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