Thursday, April 7, 2011

Calling for Freedom

Assalamualaikum, It is everybody's responsibility to make the world a better place. There's no excuse for that. In response to Maher Zain's "Freedom", let's say NO to slavery, war and oppression. We are all belong to ALLAH and only Him. Slavery, war and oppression are issues that continue to happen throughout centuries. No matter how civilized we [claim] we've become, it still happen. I can't understand how a human being can do such thing to other human being. There's no justification for such cruelty. Let's work harder to be a better Muslim and keep sending our doa for the freedom! Wassalam. Freedom by Maher Zain Gathered here with my family My neighbours and my friends Standing firm together against oppression holding hands It doesn’t matter where You’re from Or if You’re Young, old, women or man We’re here for the same reason; we want to take back our land Oh God thank You For giving us the strength to hold on And now we’re here together Calling You for freedom, freedom We know You can hear our call ooh We’re calling for freedom, fighting for freedom We know You won’t let us fall oh We know You’re here with us No more being prisoners in our homes No more being afraid to talk Our dream is just to be free, just to be free Now when we’ve taking our first step Towards a life of complete freedom We can see our dream getting closer and closer, we’re almost there Oh God thank you For giving us the strength to hold on And now we’re here together Calling You for freedom, freedom We know You can hear our call ooh We’re calling for freedom, fighting for freedom We know You won’t let us fall oh We know You’re here with us I can feel the pride in the air And it makes me strong to see everyone Standing together holding hands in unity Shouting out load demanding their right for freedom This is it and we’re not backing of Oh God we know You hear our call And we’re calling You for freedom, freedom We know You can hear our call ooh We’re calling for freedom, calling for freedom We know You won’t let us fall oh We know You’re here with us

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lovely Farewell: Goguma Couple

It was a great experience to get to know Goguma couple. Even though Goguma couple was only an imaginary couple, they brought so much joy in my life. I am a fan because of Yong but towards the end I really fall in love with both of them. They are sincere enough to touch everybody's heart.

They were known to be awkward around each other in the beginning of their marriage due to the differences in their personality [Ban Ki-moon VS Bon Jovi, hahaha :p]. As in real life, we apparently will learn about other people. The same goes with Goguma couple. In the end, they learn to accept each other and live harmoniously. As per the MCs, they actually becoming alike ^____^

Goguma couple is a modern fairy tale. The only different is they are real people instead of just some character you could only imagine. I believe that is the factor of the Goguma phenomena. They are as beautiful as a fairy tale. When they are together, they form an irresistible charisma that makes people want to love them dearly. I guess it must be Hyun's innocence and serious personality plus Yong's playful and fun character ;)

I am one of the fans - the Gogumas - and we all have only one wish: Goguma couple to be more than just a show. Yong and Hyun looks great together, so I want their relationship to be real. Well, the Goguma couple stuff looks real for me during the airing time. Even the songs in C.N Blue's "First Step" album depicted scenes from WGM as if they were highly inspired by the Goguma couple relationship - seriously! I want to believe that Yong really falls in love with Hyun, but if nothing happen, I'd say both Yong and Hyun has given a 150% [maybe more] commitment to WGM.

[There is an entry of Yonghwa denying for ever written any song for Seohyun. Yonghwa darling, if the songs were not dedicated to her, then you ought to give credit to Seohyun and WGM for inspiring you to wrote those nice songs :P]

Even the most beautiful fairy tale ends, so does our Goguma couple. Even if it breaks my heart to bid farewell to them, I'm happy we met ^_____^ As expected, I cried watching the final episode. To say goodbye is sad. Seeing Yong and Hyun in the final episode, I think it doesn’t matter anymore whether or not they have feeling for each other. What’s important is that they treasure each moment in WGM – I bet both of them learnt a lot of thing from the show.

To Yooong and Hyuuun, all the best!

Remark: I am mostly sad for the last part of the episode, when they said goodbye. I swear I could hear my heart breaks into million pieces when Hyun rush out for the last time and then they hug. Sigh. What a separation!

Picture courtesy of AllKpop.

Outside the Window


I have been using my home PC these few weeks. I spent hours sitting in front of this PC - surfing sites, reading what netizens have to say, watching my favorite videos and writing. Abah has totally banned me from using his laptop due to my endless surfing activities :p Hehehe.

Spending hours in front of this PC means that I have also spent hours looking out of the window. It's a familiar view - a view I could miss one day. But most of the time, I feel like I am transported into another realm each time I look outside the window. It's the feeling of flipping the oldest of albums inside your of mind. It's the feeling of mentally hitting the reply button and then watching the seconds you have missed. It's a moment alone with yourself.

This piece of land used to be merrier with kids and adults - blessed by the loving families living together on a small area. Our neighborhood consists of 4 houses - all are only few meters from each other. We can easily gossip without even leaving our compound.

There used to be more rambutan trees - shading a little open space where the kids used to play. It was big enough for all of us to run and play. I am surprise how small the area seems now. Some of the rambutan trees were cut down. At first it was due to their size no longer suitable. Then we started to have wedding reception, thus more space required. Plus, as the kids grew up we started to acquire vehicle. What was once a playground now left vacant for stuff like that. Just another open area, no more laughter, no more kids running around. Thinking about that, kids nowadays no longer involve in outdoor activities. They were stuck watching television or in front of PC. Oh, I forget to mention. Our neighbor was a baby sitter - she babysits my other siblings and other kids. The grandma also taught kids to read the Koran. So you could imagine how the time was.

Now the neighbor / babysitter / our so-called family no longer live here. The house still owned by them but they are currently living with their daughter. They will come back periodically. The mother was Mak's companion. When Mak passed away, I know she felt the great lost. She reminded me of Mak and when she is not here, something is really missing - I believe my siblings felt worse since they grew up with her. Staring at the empty house consistently make me sad. I hate to see letters flooding from their mailbox and the grass that grow healthy on their lawn and how empty the clothes hanger is. They all register only one fact - emptiness. The feeling is worse at night. All that is visible is a pitch black area - a house.

When I was only a kid, I have never thought of how much things will change as I grow up. Then time started to move faster, from one birthday to another. I live my life and sometime I got stuck somewhere in the journey, but time still moves pass me. When I finally realized what has happen, too many things has changed. There were too many fragments to keep together - like small particles around us. You can't see it, but it's there.

I'm looking out of the window and checking out the sky. Ya, it is that feeling.