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It is normal to have a crush on the opposite gender.
People have crush on opposite gender all the time.

Okay, after 6 years I accidentally 'found' my crush. He marries his one and only campus-girlfriend [that I know] and they have a lovely daughter. He's still the same person and the person I pictured him to be - loving, romantic, a good husband, and a guy with a career he loves. It was a great feeling to know that at least I was right about one guy on this earth. And I am happy for his wife and I still believe they belong together.

Thinking back, my crushes - not that I have much - ended up great! Those were good guys I met all these years and they take that responsibility.
Irony, ha? Hahahaha.
I see rainbow above their wives and I know someone is seeing a rainbow above me, too.
Again, this is a call. There are good people out there and happiness is not a fairytale.

It's just not my time yet.
One day, InsyaAllah, I'll have those pictures!


Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!


Hari Ahad diisi dengan menonton Leftenan Adnan dan kemudian 1957 Hati Malaya pada sebelah malamnya di televisyen. Hati tersentuh dan menangis.

Aku selalu tunggu Leftenan Adnan. Ada isi dan erti perjuangan di situ. Kesempatan membaca dan menyelidik tentang beliau ketika menyiapkan folio Sejarah amat berharga. Seorang lelaki bernama Leftenan Adnan berjuang sehingga ke titisan darah yang terakhir mempertahankan tanah airnya -- sehingga hanya berbekalkan bayonet berdepan dengan peluru.

"Sejarah Melayu membuktikan kita pernah menakluk nusantara, kita mampu membina empayar besar, mampu membuat kapal-kapal besar... lebih besar daripada Flora de la Mar milik Portugis. Itu sebelum kita dijajah. Orang lain nampak kelebihan kita, kehebatan kita, sebab itu mereka takut bila kita nak menuntut hak kita. Betapa susahnya Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, Yamtuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, Raja Chulan, dan Undang Luak Rembau memperjuangkan untuk menubuhkan Askar Melayu... kerana mereka tahu Me…

Pendidikan Cinta


Hari Jumaat hari yang penuh barakah. Tambah-tambah lagi pada 17 Ramadhan hari ini.

"My sweetheart, if you want to build a family, a faithful one, you can never build it on what Allah has stated as wrong and proven false by the way Rasulullah p.b.u.h has taught us. A happy and blessed family comes from Allah, and you don't even have anything to defend it as blessed if the first step you make is by stepping into what He has prohibited."

"You can't have a happy family if Allah doesn't help you so, and you must know in every family that stands until their dying day, they have Allah on their side. You can't expect Him to help you if you did the wrong step from the very beginning."

Excerpt dari "Nasihat Ibu Tentang Cinta".

Subhanallah. Seolah-olah satu perkhabaran...
Dah lama aku tak dengar nasihat sebegini. I have heard about it before this; I couldn't recall where or by whom. But the statement rings inside me all these years. Ti…

150 Juta


Hari ini saya jatuh chenta...
Jatuh chenta dengan lagu 150 Juta nyanyian Fynn Jamal. The lyric is cute and honest and very innocent. Rasanya semua yang berchenta tentu faham perasaan macam ni. Memang, 150 juta kali ditanya pun jawapan kita tetap sama. Selalu sahaja ada rasional dan toleransinya. [Agak rindu keadaan yang begitu, har har har :p]

The memories weren't that bad. At least I know I am honest when I gave those answer. Itu memang apa yang mata nampak dan hati lihat.

Selamat mendengar dan selamat mengenang masa-masa tersebut! (^_^)

150 Juta
Fynn Jamal

Untuk kali keseratus lima puluh juta
Mereka tanyakan engkau soalan yang sama
“Eh kenapa kau masih lagi mahukan dia?”
“Apa kau buta, apa kau pura-pura suka”

Di seratus lima puluh juta kali itu
Di depan semua engkau tarik tangan aku
Yang sedang buat muka kosong tak ambil tahu
Sambil ketawa engkau bilang satu per satu

“Dia mungkin bengis seperti singa”
“Tapi dia nangis tonton cerita Korea”
“Dia mungkin keras bila bersuar…

As-Syifa -- Setahun!


Hari ini kami sekeluarga bersyukur atas izin Allah, Cahya Laila As-Syifa genap setahun. Masa pantas berlalu! Semoga Allah merahmati usia As-Syifa dan mengizinkan kami menyayanginya untuk satu tempoh masa lagi. Didoakan semoga As-Syifa membesar menjadi srikandi yang memperjuang dan mempertahankan panji-panjiNYA.


Her first picture, few hours after her birth last year. Captured and sent by my brother.

My first picture of As-Syifa, captured when I goes home to meet her for the first time. I wrote an entry about her.

My only picture with As-Syifa...

Syifa bertudung... Captured and sent by my sister in-law.

As-Syifa and her walker.

As-Syifa wearing the dress I bought her.

More pictures of her [^_^] Inilah yang berlaku bila As-Syifa ada Mak Long yang obses menggunakan kamera :p

Not Worth...


What is not going to happen and have no possibility to happen at all is not worth to try and to think. Even there exists the tiniest possibility, as long as it is hard to do, then it is still not worth to try and to think.
Don’t start a fire. Fire burns everything in its way.

Princess 13


Once upon a time, words were said and promises were made, bound with the spell of Friday the 13th. Eyes to eyes, heart to heart, but the Lord's plan can't be denied. Thus a Princess's heart bleed and a Knight lost his shiny armor. Two hearts beat their separate way, following what their Lord will. Millions of years here come another Friday the 13th. The Princess awakes and shed tears, for her broken heart still bleed. To shed tears over broken words, she’s not proud. For time move on, memories fade, new future created… and Princess refuse to stay. Over passing time she cast a spell and seals it with a promise she would try to keep: “Give this heart a year to find her way, to understand what is hurting her and to find the remedy she needs”.


Klik! Klik! Train Girl @ Lost World of Tambun


Since Maz, Ikmal and Kamal were hooked up to their swimming activity, I spent my time alone capturing visitors' expression -- most of the time chasing children. Hehehe. Later in the evening, I decide to ride the train. Fortunately, the carriage in front of me was hosted by a family with a daughter. This lovely girl was shy, but after the first click she posed naturally for me. I am so grateful!

Chasing children was hectic but fun. You might get lucky and get to capture priceless emotions. But there disadvantages -- you might have to face parents' reaction [it was satisfying if parents let you take their child's picture] and you can get unlucky and what you chased turn into something you don't like.

My experience with this lovely girl was priceless. When children look back to you and let you take their pictures, nothing could compare the feeling.

I wish there's a way to thank her...So here are the pictures of her -- all with different pose and expressio…

Klik! Klik! Children


These children were so nice for allowing me to take their pictures. It is a satisfaction to be able to freeze these moments.
Sejuk hati memandang budak-budak ni…


Picture 1
This lovely girl was attending SCH Wajadiri 2010 at KUIN, Alor Setar, Kedah. This is my first shot of her. I did not notice it, but her dress is exactly like mine. Coincidence? I'd say it was a sweet one!

Picture 2
Rini and I were testing our new DSLR at Teluk Tempoyak and this lovely girl was at the nearby playground with her mother and brother. My first shot on her as well. I love her expression.

Picture 3
These two boys were sitting on a slide. Upon seeing me with my D5000, they too, cooperate and allow me to capture this moment.

Picture 4 and 5 A group of boys was digging sand -- sounds like boys to me. Hehehe. They were so happy that I can't help but try my best to capture their smile and giggles. Of course, they were all okay but towards the end they tried to involve me in their sand-…


How Are You Lately?
By S.H.E

Pick up a Christmas card
Fill it with best wishes
Address it to the heart
Can you receive it?
Weather is a bit cold, wind is a bit strong
The city is quiet with the noise
This winter
I have to go home alone

Ask myself if I've gotten used to it?
The nights without you
The echo becomes so loud
Is there a good way
To quiet the loneliness

How are you lately?
Are you also struggling inside?
You said you would remember me, remember?
How are you lately?
Are you busy? Does your heart still hurt?
If you have to, forget me
Quickly head for your happiness

Regardless how much I care
I don't have the right to ask
Ex-lover's greetings
Are more awkward than a stranger's
Yesterday is far, tomorrow is long
Memories are blurry yet huge
The tears in this dark night
How to stop them from falling?

Ask myself if I've gotten used to it?
The nights without you
The echo becomes so loud
Is there a good way
To quiet the loneliness

How are you lately?
Are you also struggling inside?
You said you woul…

Inception: Movie Review


I must thank Mrs. Huy for mentioning about Inception to me. I am not Mr. DiCaprio's fan after Titanic -- hate his hair in Man in the Iron Mask -- while she is so fond of him. Her excitement leads me to do my research on the movie and luckily I love what I found. So here's what I think about Inception [while it already swept every movie lover and Rotten Tomatoes rate it 86%].

First of all, I'd like to say that I love this movie so much. I enjoy it even though I missed few minutes of the beginning [an obvious reason to watch it again]. Most of it because I am a Cognitive Science graduates and the idea of subconscious mind security thrilled me. The other was just me loving this kind of genre -- movie that gives other headache. So it was fun!

I think Inception was still too simple for something as mysterious as our subconscious mind. The idea of having a physical device to invade / share dream was not captivating to me. I did not see the connection of the device …